Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Star in a Jar - Behaviour Management Part 1 + FREEBIE!

I feel that it is essential to create a positive class environment and one way of doing that is by rewarding good behaviour.

As part of my behaviour management system, I recognise whole class, group and individual behaviour.

The next fortnight of posts will be dedicated to the behaviour management strategies I use in my classroom, along with a bunch of freebies (signs etc.), so you can implement them too, without much hassle.

The first behaviour management strategy that I want to talk about is my whole class reward system. I call it ‘Star in a Jar’.

When all students in the class are doing the right thing; whether they are working quietly, working well on group tasks, or are kind to each other; they are awarded a star. Most of the time I will choose a student to place the star in the jar (otherwise I will do it myself if getting a student to do it is too disruptive).

Students vote for a reward and when they have filled the jar completely, they get that reward – it might be something like free computer time, choosing your own seat for the day, free play etc. A new reward can be chosen when the star jar is emptied, to begin the cycle again.

Even just mentioning, “I am looking to see if I can give the class a star” motivates the students to quiet down and work more efficiently. And students really love being chosen to place the star in the jar.

The stars themselves are polystyrene stars, which I bought from Spotlight. I painted them with gold paint and then sprayed them with gold glitter. Really simple and easy to do - and not too expensive.

The jar size I have in my class holds 50 stars. So I can rewards stars fairly generously, with a good time space between each ‘reward-receiving’.

You can get a copy of the file I have created to assist in making the poster. Click on the pic below to be taken to my TPT store and download it for FREE!

Star in a Jar - Whole Class Reward Poster


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