Wednesday, 30 January 2013

First Day Freebie

First day back with students – what a delightful bunch of munchkins! I truly am fortunate to teach at such a great school; both students and staff are a joy to work!

I always start of with a ‘getting to know you’ activity that gets students interacting with each other. This year I put together an activity sheet, where students move about the room and have to find other students that fit certain ‘criteria’, eg. has a bike, was born in another country. Tried and tested – it worked really well!

Check it out - I've put it up as a freebie at my TPT store.

Find Someone Who...


Sunday, 27 January 2013

How Full is Your Bucket?

Many of you will probably already know about the concept of ‘bucket filling’, but I hadn’t heard of the theory until only recently. When we start back at school (only 2 days left!!) I plan to integrate the concept - like so many others before me - to create a class culture of positivity.

For those who don’t know, the theory is grounded in 50 years of research and considers interpersonal interactions in our daily lives and how they impact on our wellbeing. The analogy is that we all carry around with us an invisible bucket. When we interact with another person, the interaction is either positive and thus, fills our bucket; or negative, which consequently empties our bucket. We also contribute to the bucket filling and dipping of others, through what we say and do.

Such a simple, but powerful idea! I’d love to hear how others have incorporated the concept of ‘bucket filling’ into their classroom!


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kleinspiration Guest Post - GoAnimate

A big thank you to Erin from Kleinspiration for allowing me the opportunity to guest post about GoAnimate on her fantastic blog! View the post directly, click HERE. Kleinspiration is one of my favourite 'go to' blogs for ideas and 'inspiration'!


Also, just to let you know - I've updated my Tech Tutorials page and you can now learn all about Wikispaces and GoAnimate, for use in the classroom.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Eek... Where has the time gone?!

As we get closer to the end of the holidays here in Australia and closer to the start of a fresh new year, I'm excited by new ideas and new possibilities!

This has probably been one of the most productive holiday breaks, where I have been busy creating lots of new resources for my class!

For the start of the new year, I have created a number of handwriting worksheet sets, based around 'themes'. This will allow students to not only develop their handwriting skills, but the activities reinforce high frequency words and also develop vocabulary.

I've provided the sets in both Zaner-Bloser (ABC Print) font and Foundation Style as well (in the same download). You can check them out at my TPT store. I've made them available in individual sets and also in a handy bundled pack!

Handwriting Bundle: Set 1
Handwriting Bundle: Set 2

FREEBIE ALERT! I've also posted a handwriting title page. The style matches all of the handwriting sets in my collection.  You can match it to those, or use it as a title page for your own handwriting worksheets - the choice is yours!

Handwriting Title Page


Monday, 14 January 2013

Tessellating Patterns using Microsoft Word

 Have you ever considered using Microsoft Word to teach tessellating patterns?

I usually have students start with a simple shape, such as a rectangle or square. They then copy the shape and paste it next to the original shape, leaving no gaps. Repeat the process. Students can then change the colours to make it more interesting.

After that, students can experiment with other shapes by choosing more complex shape options and rotating them to fit into a tessellating pattern.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Shout Out Linky

Growing Firsties and Teacher to the Core are hosting a fabulous Shout Out Linky, which gives a shout out to those blogs that have inspired you along your blogging journey. The shout out goes to two blogs - one that has more followers than you and another blog that has less followers than you.

Shout Out Linky - January

So, here goes.

My first shout out goes to Dandelions and Dragonflies. I absolutely loved the idea for the 'paper slide video' activity that I found on her blog. I made a number of paper slide videos with my class and I actually showed my students the 'how to create' video that she had on her blog!

My second shout out goes to I Luv Twek! I love technology blogs and this blog is definitely one to follow - with lots of great tips for using technology in the classroom!

Link up at the Shout Out Linky and tell the world who inspired you!


Free Frames and Borders Clip Art

I've added a few more items to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you're looking for frame and border clip art - I've created a few designs that can be used for both personal and commercial creations.

Check out the simple frame and border graphics that I'm giving away for FREE!

Simple Black Rectangular Borders & Frames

Simple Black Circle and Oval Borders & Frames

I've also added a few other graphics that you might be interested in - so check them out!

Rainbows & Dots Borders and Frames

Star Borders and Frames

Dot Borders and Frames

Fluro Borders and Frames

Stripe Borders and Frames


Thursday, 10 January 2013

A First and a Freebie!

I've been working hard over the holidays and am excited that my first resource is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. And best of all - IT'S FREE!!

I hope you all enjoy my 'This is Me!' work booklet. I've created it as a beginning of year/getting to know you activity for my students when we return to school at the end of January. I'm looking forward to using it and I hope you can get some use out of it too!

Click on the picture below to download the booklet from my TPT store!


Monday, 7 January 2013

Newest Team Member at Technology Tailgate

I am excited to announce that I have recently joined the team of collaborators over at Technology Tailgate. If you haven't heard about it - it's 'the' place to be if you want find out the latest websites, programs, apps... anything technology!

Check it out and become a follower. It will change the way you teach!


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Technology Freebies Link Up

Sunday is the day for sharing! Technology Tailgate is hosting a technology freebies link up - so check it out!

You never know what you will find and be able to draw inspiration from.
Technology is the way of the future, y'all! Don't try and fight it!!


Online Dictionary -

When students are completing dictionary work, I will often have them working in pairs. One will use a traditional hard copy dictionary and the other will find the word online, using a laptop.

I love as an online dictionary, because it has a beginner's, children's and advanced option. If the meaning provided is too difficult, then students can choose an easier definition for a better understanding of the word. There is also a button, whereby students can listen to the pronunciation of the word.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Student Grouping Made Easy!

I’m forever trying to think of new and creative ways to group students. Recently, I have discovered a website that will do it for me!

At Instant Classroom, once you have created a login and password, you simply enter the names of the students in your class and with the click of a button, student groups are organised for you.

If you have different groups of students throughout the day (ie. maths or literacy groups), you can have separate lists all contained within the same login. You can also upload a photo for each child if you want. And if a child leaves throughout the year or a new one joins the class – just click the edit button and add/remove the name. It’s that easy!

At Instant Classroom, it also has two additional features. The first is a ‘seating chart maker’, which will randomly allocate seating arrangements. The second is a ‘random name generator’, which will randomly select a student from the list.

It’s a super dooper easy website to navigate – give it a go!