Sunday, 27 January 2013

How Full is Your Bucket?

Many of you will probably already know about the concept of ‘bucket filling’, but I hadn’t heard of the theory until only recently. When we start back at school (only 2 days left!!) I plan to integrate the concept - like so many others before me - to create a class culture of positivity.

For those who don’t know, the theory is grounded in 50 years of research and considers interpersonal interactions in our daily lives and how they impact on our wellbeing. The analogy is that we all carry around with us an invisible bucket. When we interact with another person, the interaction is either positive and thus, fills our bucket; or negative, which consequently empties our bucket. We also contribute to the bucket filling and dipping of others, through what we say and do.

Such a simple, but powerful idea! I’d love to hear how others have incorporated the concept of ‘bucket filling’ into their classroom!


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