Friday, 28 December 2012

Water Works

In Year 2, students are involved in a science unit called 'Water Works', where we investigate the uses of water around the school and home, the water cycle, the journey of water from the clouds to the tap and also the importance of water conservation.

Here is the display board created for the topic. For the water cycle frieze, students worked in small groups to either mosaic or crepe paper-scrunch the various components. Then I pieced them all together.

For another art lesson, students used wax crayons to draw on two large art papers then paint over them with a blue wash. Once dry, they were cut out into cloud shapes, stapled around the edges and stuffed with cotton wool.

In small groups, students created their own 'journey of water from the clouds to the tap' flow chart, using pictures and then writing a sentence on the back of each.

I love using the Smart Notebook software with students, and the following picture was created in the program. Students located the lake background in the gallery and labeled all the components appropriately.

Students had to create a poster using Comic Life, of different 'water saving' tips.

 Finally, we finished the unit with an excursion to Sydney's Warragamba Dam. Ironically, the excursion happened to take place on the day before I went on a holiday to America. So when I got back I was able to share pictures of America's Hoover Dam, which I visited along my travels.



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