Friday, 28 December 2012

Old Classroom Pics

As I am a teacher from Australia, we are at the beginning of our long Summer holiday break. We will begin our new school year after Australia Day at the end of January. So I can start 'sharing', I thought I'd begin by posting some ideas from previous years.

Here are some pictures from my classroom back in 2011, when I was teaching Grade 2.

Up in the back corner and out of the way is my desk. For the student tables, I had them arranged in a group/u-shape combination (sorry- a bit hard to see from the single photo).

Off to the side of the room was the wet area (a bit messy from artworks drying). The grade Literacy Support Teacher also had her desk in the room, which is hidden behind the book rack.

At the beginning of the year during a guided drawing session, I had students complete self portraits, which we displayed on a wall space. I saw this idea in the window of another fabulous teacher at my school and thought it was a cute idea, so I had to give it a try.


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